DIY – Fairy Tale Hair Wreath by ArinaB Photography

Being a photographer very often means – to save on everything and anywhere you can.
Creating my own hair accessory saved me tons of money over years and I want to share with you How I do it.

I shop at local crafts stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby (and I shop things that are on sale, very often you can find some
Great items for 50% off!! so do not be lazy, look around)

For this Fairy Look Wreath you would need:
Small Flowers ($1.99)
Moss or I found fuzzy looking greenĀ  branch ($.99)
Glue Gun ( $6.99 plus refill $3.99)
Natural Bark Covered wire ($4.99)
And less then 10 minutes of your time!!

Get a helper if you need one:) In my case my dog Danya was kind enough to assist me!

Tie wire around your head twice or three times, leave some extra wire as you going to later give your wreath more natural look. You can even braid wire if you would like.
Make sure to tie ends of wire securely, remember by making wreath a bit larger is safer as you can adjust it to fit the head of your client, making it smaller might not have your
wreath fit the head of the client.
Next start gluing moss or branches to the wire till it covers mostly of the wire all around

Then glue some flowers, pick most natural looking, and glue them in random spots to make it look real, I usually fit wreath on my head to see where flowers would look
More perfect first.

Denya and I were done with our project in less then 10 min including photo taking.

I used it in the shoot the next day!

My wreath coasted me only about $3.00 (if you still need to buy a wire or glue gun you would spend about $11.96 and those supplies will last you at list for another 10 wreaths)
Etsy charges anywhere between $25-$150 for this plus $5-10 for delivery!
Beautiful way to create and save money!