Barbados, Caribbean Island (travel)

Now a little about my resent travel to Barbados. Huge thank you to a wonderful couple Sarah and David who made my trip possible by picking me as their photographer for their special day – wedding. You can see it here! After the wedding day was over I stayed on the Island for another few days and must say- I got pretty lazy, world on the island like Barbados just stays still, there is no hurry, no traffics, no rush, no fast environment we so used to here in South California, so all I did was – slept, ate, went to swim on the beach, ate, took a nap, swam some more and went to sleep for 3 days on the row. But 0cationally I picked up my camera and took some photos:)
Here is my self portrait outside of my hotel – before the sunset:)

So most important part of the Island – it’s beach (which all beaches in Barbados are public, few Hotels wanted to legalize private beaches, but general public took them to court and won, how cool is that!) Beach here is what you see on TV in travel shows- pure white sands and turquoise waters .

One day I asked taxi driver to take me to see older side of Barbados, (unless you cool driving car on the left side with right side wheel, other wise get a taxi).
I love old architecture, this Island has 11 parishes and 11+ main 100 years old churches¬† –¬† had to go see that.

Church after Palm Sunday.

Wind Mills used to be only source of energy , here is one of the oldest that still stands

This island is very poor, I must add, but they see themselves as living in heaven.
Here is what you will never miss driving around the island- poverty, distraction, but great find for photographer like me:)

Going inland is very green and beautiful, and views from the mountains are spectacular.

Some of animals of the island (there aren’t many)

And I love to stalk people!!! – Here is my day trip to a fish market!

I would love to come back one day!! And I thank you God for such wonderful opportunity.

  • Lyubov Kustov said:

    Wow I adore the lovely beach shots in Barbados!! Do you use filters on your camera or anything like that?

  • admin said:

    Hello, thank you for kind words, I do not use filters as I want to be able to edit photos later in what ever style i want in photoshop:)

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