Big Bear Lake travel

I’m so blessed that at some point of my live my grandfather put the camera in my hands and insisted for me to snap away,

I never had an idea that one day I would become a photographer like he was. I remember my grandfather each time I do take photos,

which makes it everyday;-)

Here are few photos from my resent trip to Big Bear. I love it there! Nature is incredible!

  • I love the first Big Bear photo of the ' palette ' of mountain ranges..funny, I just posted yesterday on SmugMug a shot of Saddleback I took a few months ago with a similar feel although a bit simpler in comp/color. I like yours very much. The expression of mountains and hills reduced to a shape or series of shapes with exquisite light is something I look for frequently when out shooting, so yours caught my attention. Thanks for sharing your choices of equipment...and I shared your site with my daughter who is at FIDM, she says it well done and enjoyed seeing it. Anyway..
    all the best

  • admin said:

    Jim- thank you for sharing. I love mountains photos- they change with light , their shape, mood, and atmosphere..

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