Florida trip – Sarasota + Miami

Ultimate fun under the sun here in Sunshine state. But it offers way more then just a prefect sandy beaches. Yes The number one beach in America is in Florida
,but there is much more to it. Thats when I go and discover it;-) From Beach Festival with sand build statues to wild Myakka park with alligators to sun sets in hidden parts of Sarasota – I love it all. I love keep coming back to Florida and its always something new for me to discover.

here are few photos from my trip.

At Miami down town my friend Moriah noticed this monks sipping on some drinks at Stubacks , I had to snap photo of them!
(don’t worry I asked them if i could first;-)

At Siesta Keys ( # 1 beach in USA) there was Festival with sand statues where I got to see how they were made. People
gathered from all over the words to form teams and compete in stand craft.

In Miami Beach there is always plenty of Cuban entertainment!

And my favorite wild Florida spot Myakka Park with plenty wild life- main attraction is alligator!!
Last time I was here I actually got to canoe between wild alligators, pretty scary I must say!

Siesta Keys Sun set. And me at Miami beach enjoying warm beach breeze at twilight 😉

  • Yana K said:

    WOW ARINA! These are some incredible photos!!!

  • Lyubov Kustov said:

    Wowww! I love the sunset shot a lot!!! What lens did you use? :)

  • admin said:

    I used 24mm:) it's a wind angle and fun lens!!

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