Happy Holidays;-)

My dear blog viewers , clients, friends and family- I’m thankful to have you, you have inspired me and kept me going!!!! May God Bless you all!!!

  • Juliana said:

    Happy Thansgiving to you to Arina!
    Have a beautiful time together with your family!
    Best wishes!

  • admin said:

    Thank you kindly Juliana!!! Happy ThanksGiving to you and your loved once!!!

  • Livia said:

    Okay so I would like to re-enter. I got excited and etenred the first time without reading the whole description of the contest. The reason why I would like to take the pictures is because during high school we couldn't afford for me to have senior pictures which I know my mom didn't like very much. Even though she wanted to record that time in my life we just couldn't afford it. She would LOVE this as a Christmas present. And also, if you can make Maegan look as good as you did I know you can do it with anybody. LOL just kidding but really this would be awesome. Also, I'm still poor so this would be a way better gift than one I could buy for my mom anywhere.

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