How I survived winter ( trip to Apostle Islands, Wisconsin)

With this crazy hot fall I tough it was very fitting to post some winter photos.
It was February and something was just wrong all together with my mind, I couldn’t get inspired , I couldn’t focus – I was missing snowy winter, crispy snow flakes under my feet, cold frosty clear air and beautiful quite in sleeping woods. I simply posted on my facebook how I really need to see some real winter and tons of people replayed and invited me in. I was
so touched!!! And one of those people was my dear friend Nea who moved to Wisconsin not long ago. I booked my ticket few days later and packed my warm clothes ( which later I realized was not enough). I had no idea what I got myself into!
Nea was so so kind to open up her house for me, take me around and feed me most amazing food! Thanks to her and her fiance I got my winter fix!
Make sure to scroll all the way as highlight of my trip is in second part of this blog!
And here is the high light of the trip! Never in my entire life I have experience anything like this! Nea’s fiance Patric suggested we check out Apostle Islands Ice Caves that opened up
to public first time in 8 yours since ice got thick enough. Of course my clothes was not enough and we had to gear up on hot wine, warmers of all sorts , thick snow pants, many layers and snow shoes…. It was negative 25 , I got myself ultimate winter experience!!!
Dear Nea and Patric thank you so much for being so kind and showing me winter of a kind! I can not wait to photograph your wedding next year!!!!!

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