Isla Mujeres trip (part 1)

Every Birthday just getting better and better! This year we took off to tiny tiny island in the middle of Caribbeans – Isla Mujeras, Mexico.
In order to better understand place you visiting – speaking native language is a must, glad Zach speaks Spanish!!! We always avoid touristy spots and love to adventure our own way, to get to know people , their ways and culture!
Meet Isla Mujeres
Crystal clear turquoise waters !!!
As many places in Mexico – Isla Mujeres is poor in monetary supply but so reach in culture! 
There is just something about those docks going into deep blue water, many docks on Isla Mujeres being rebuild yearly after winter storms.

I miss those warm sun set evenings outside of our hotels.

And wonderful evening walks thru the city.
One day we even had something so phenomenal I have never seen- ocean tornado! 
One of the main jobs on the island is fishing
One day we went to their local turtle farm, where they grow baby turtles to release them later, unfortunately so many turtle eggs being stolen each year by
people who later sells them, and this place deticated to save ocean turtles!
We made a friend on the island who had a wonderful Hotel , we went to hang there a little bit on my Birthday.
That was a first part of our trip, keep an eye for second part when we went 5 hours into Mexico to discover old cities of the south.

  • Anoushka said:

    Arina! What a beautiful shoot! I felt like I escaped this office and found myself on this beautiful island myself :) You are incredibly inspiring, and this shoot is yet another creation that proves your capacity and talent to pull people into a colorful and magical world, that we so often don't see. Through these photographs you remind people of the wonders of the world :)
    Thank you for sharing! You are awesome.


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