Julian, Ca (exploring)

Between the mountains of San Diego county, lies one vintage, best in the world apple pie village- Julian.
For years I would go back there just for the atmosphere and its old fashion vibe, it’s a small neighborhood of friendly mom and pop’s shops and restaurants,  wineries, horse back riding,
hiking, and just apple pie lovers.
I have been traveling for a while and did not have a change to see my honey, so yesterday we made our way to Julian for a small day trip get away!
We visited Menghini winery, where we were the only guests, we tried out 6 different wines and bought couple bottles, talked about our passions to music and photography. Zach even
sang couple of his songs. We had such great day! I really recommend for anyone with passion to adventure to make thier way to Julian one day!

Here are couple of photos from our day trip