Let me Take you to Sorrento (Amalfi Coast photo trip)

So let me tell you about Sorrento, you know all those photos, movies, painting you have seen, well it’s all that but better. It’s warm air, warm sea, warm hearts and happy souls, amazing food, cozy tiny streets, friendly cats, fresh catch of the day, colorful homes and boats, lazy afternoons , close friendly talks, deep loves, breath of volcano, hots sands, sweet breeze and what ever else your hearts desires.Only if I was a poet, but all I can really do is take photos, so here they are:

And stunning St. Francis cloister wedding hall 🙂

The mirthful gods who ruled o’er Greater Greece
Created this fair land in some high mood
Of frolic joy; the smiling heavens brood
Over a scene soft-whelmed in jocund peace.
Gay clamors, odorous breathings never cease
From basking crag, lime grove, and olive wood;
Swart fishers sing from out the sparkling flood
Where once the syrens sang in luring ease.
The curved beach swarms with brown-skinned boys and girls
Dancing the tarantella on the sands,
Their limbs dive with music’s jollity;
And ever, where the warm wave leaps and swirls
With glad embrace clasping the bowery lands,
Breaks the tumultuous laughter of the sea. 

By John Hay

Dear Carmela and Daniela thank you so much for taking me to magical land of Italian dream coast!

And few cellphone photos of our day in Sorrento , with some behind the sense photos of our shoot:)
Gosh I want to go back so bad by looking at all this, what a great memories made !

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