Lost in the Woods (creative portraiture session)

Lately I been lost in the woods, that desire to get away from concrete walls, noisy streets, stressful surroundings led me to new discoveries within my
own style, made me to step out of my “box” and comfy zone. I’m so used to always come up with all ideas for the shoot, but this year been just amazing to me
and sent my way more creative people from whom I can learn, reinvent and get inspired all over again!

you can visit Brandon’s photography page here

  • Natalya said:

    Oh man, the one where he is on the tree and you can see all the tree branches behind him- I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! One of my LOVES of life are trees! simply gorgeous shot!

  • admin said:

    Natalya- thank you!!! Yes there is just something so magical about trees!! I'm glad you love it!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

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