My Love Story! (pretty personal)

Guys so many great things have been happening in my life, from publications in different fashion magazines to traveling to amazing locations! But one I want to share with you is my love story! As some of you might know, there has been so much heartbreak in my life, a lot of disappointment, confusion, just sad things, all that affected my art in negative way. But then I received a facebook invitation to a music performance by one o my  facebook friends. Zach and I met summer of 2008 when he sang at a wedding I photographed.
I was really impressed with his voice, he definitely improved
over the years and over all I had a great night. No it did not click then, not even months later, but we kept in touch and even set up a shoot for him.

Here are couple photos from his photo shoot:

I have to say –  it wasn’t in my mind to start a new  relationship as I was pretty disappointed over my previous one and clearly needed a break!
But Zach had other ideas in mind – Thanks God someone did. As my heart had been broken, and trust all shaken up, I watched every move Zach made, looked closely at his family and friends. All I saw was a kind heart, open mind, caring soul, good deeds, dedication to family and friends, and hard work toward his dream! My life began to fill with warm positive emotions, my tears were gone, stress and disappointment non-existent! I began to fall in love!

I Thank God everyday for letting me meet Zach one more time and this time help us see how great we are for each other!

Best part- we enjoy the same things, we both are artistic , inspire each other and push each other to do better in everything we do!
His love is necessary air for me to breath!
His support is important part of my day!
I thank God for this happiness I finally found and get to keep!

I have never experienced such a level of trust, understanding, and most importantly I was never loved this way!
I fully thank God for this happiness in my  life! I can’t wait for what’s next to come in our lives! And I will enjoy every moment of it!
I wish for everyone to find that special someone for you, or just tell the one you are with how much you love them as many times a day as possible!!
Arina and Zach
p.s All photos are our self portraits:)


  • Angie said:

    You are too adorable. So happy for you. You two look great together. You images are perfect and you did them all by self timer or remote? The focus and clarity and processing is perfection! WOW!

  • admin said:

    Thank you Angie! It;s so kind of you to leave such sweet comment on my blog! We are trully blessed to find each other in this huge world! The way I do self shots like that- I use time laps option on camera while it sits on tripod:) kind tricky , but I got hang of it well!:)

  • Roxy said:

    Arina, This is truly beautiful. Your photographs bring such joy and happiness to me and I don't even know you! Even though through your work I can see the beautiful person you are. I love your photographs and your soul, you are an authentic artist. I wish you many many years of happiness! xo-Roxy

  • Karolina said:

    Many blessings your way! I hope that with time your love will grow more and more! You are an amazing photographer Arina! ALWAYS stay as wonderfully beautiful on the inside as in the outside!
    xoxo- Karolina

  • admin said:

    Dear Karoline - thank you for your comment, for following my work and for being so kind!!!

  • Lily said:

    I have a very similar situation that happened to me no too long ago. As I read your blog I am smiling with happiness for you because I completley understand how you feel. It came so unexpected and perfect. The only logic begind this is God's perfect plan Romans 8:28. God is soo good I tell ya.

    Other than the fact that you're one of my favorite photographers...I love your open-ess. It reminds me alot of myself.

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