Sara + David Engagement session.

When I first met Sara at some local bakery cafe and saw sparkles and excitement in her eyes I knew right there and right then- this is gonna be amazing!!!
We set down and chatted about ideas and stories as we were old friend in fun and relaxed atmosphere. Inspirations began to be born in the air, rainbows and stars..
Hey!… It was just that cool to meet someone just as crazy as me about whole “lets create something awesome”. So we did!
I couldn’t wait to meet David, he is such a lucky man!! And such a creative mind, he came up with the whole idea of a “house wife and accounting”.
Check bellow;-)

Another wonderful skill Sara mastered is dancing- she is professional dancer so we just had to include that in our shoot;-)

Why live in two worlds….
When one is enough for full happines;-)

This was such a wonderful shoot!

Dear David and Sara I wanted to thank you for choosing me as your photographer for such a special event in both of your lives.
I wanna wish you all the blessings and I cant wait to shoot your wedding!!!
Love you both!!!

+ 6 = eight