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Love Birds

Max and Andrea are now married and I was the lucky one to capture their love. You must see their cake topper, it's just way to cure and sweet like this couple are!! Looking at this wedding I can just say - simply elegant and I felt so blessed being a part of this important day! All the blessing to you Max and Andrea!! xoxox

Chris and Maria ( casual Look) part 1

Chris contacted me to do one very awesome theme shoot I just went crazy about- and that is to come soon enough;-) But for now here are few photos we took just to warm up. So check back for second part of the shoot with Chris and Maria later this week;-) Love this boat shots!!! and Meet the start of this photo session -  you will see more of her in second part of the [...]

Lost in the Woods (creative portraiture session)

Lately I been lost in the woods, that desire to get away from concrete walls, noisy streets, stressful surroundings led me to new discoveries within my own style, made me to step out of my "box" and comfy zone. I'm so used to always come up with all ideas for the shoot, but this year been just amazing to me and sent my way more creative people from whom I can learn, r[...]

My new Toy

Hello, I got an early Christmas present from Santa- LensBaby lens ;-) I did not have much time to play with it but here what I came up with from trip to Laguna today. It's just a cheaper version of Tilt and Shift- with tons of filters and other add on's. There is a chance It might become one of my favorite once;-) Cant wait to use it for portraiture;-)