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Road trip to Forest Hill, Ca

Just this year alone I went on so many adventures, and I have so Little time to blog about them, but I will try to edit some in between work. Here is a trip Zach and I took few months ago to Forest Hill, Ca and we were totally stormed on in the mountains! It was pure magic, I missed snow storms as it was usual park of my winters while in Russia! But after we came dow[...]

How I survived winter ( trip to Apostle Islands, Wisconsin)

With this crazy hot fall I tough it was very fitting to post some winter photos. It was February and something was just wrong all together with my mind, I couldn't get inspired , I couldn't focus - I was missing snowy winter, crispy snow flakes under my feet, cold frosty clear air and beautiful quite in sleeping woods. I simply posted on my facebook how I really need [...]

Spring is Here ( Belly art preview)

Got to love spring with it's gift of green! Make up by: Amanda Harris Hair by : Christina Kolcheva More love coming soon:) xoxo

My Magic World (creative session)

Magic in life is made of resonance of different tunes Like the fragrance of different flowers in a garden Magic lies in different colors of rainbow Like blending music making feelings grow Magic of harmony lies in blending different notes Like sounds of symphony has different range of beats Magic lies in flavors of different cultures Like the different phases of mo[...]

So Happy in love! (E-session )

Derik + Ashley- their love neverĀ  stops to smile! Can not wait to be a part of your wedding day!!! Make up by Harmony Harris xoxo