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Let me Take you to Sorrento (Amalfi Coast photo trip)

Let me Take you to Sorrento (Amalfi Coast photo trip)
So let me tell you about Sorrento, you know all those photos, movies, painting you have seen, well it's all that but better. It's warm air, warm sea, warm hearts and happy souls, amazing food, cozy tiny streets, friendly cats, fresh catch of the day, colorful homes and boats, lazy afternoons , close friendly talks, deep loves, breath of volcano, hots sands, sweet bree[...]

Road trip to Forest Hill, Ca

Just this year alone I went on so many adventures, and I have so Little time to blog about them, but I will try to edit some in between work. Here is a trip Zach and I took few months ago to Forest Hill, Ca and we were totally stormed on in the mountains! It was pure magic, I missed snow storms as it was usual park of my winters while in Russia! But after we came dow[...]

Natural Beauty ( Film Photography , Sacre-Coeur, Paris)

I love film photography, only problem, I forget to develop them, here are few slides I found on one of the rolls from Paris:)

How I survived winter ( trip to Apostle Islands, Wisconsin)

With this crazy hot fall I tough it was very fitting to post some winter photos. It was February and something was just wrong all together with my mind, I couldn't get inspired , I couldn't focus - I was missing snowy winter, crispy snow flakes under my feet, cold frosty clear air and beautiful quite in sleeping woods. I simply posted on my facebook how I really need [...]

Floral Inspiration ( Peonies)

I'm not a florist , but I love arranging flowers for my house and clients shoots. It's Peonies season and I couldn't resist but buy this beauties for my house!

Isla Mujeres trip (part 1)

Every Birthday just getting better and better! This year we took off to tiny tiny island in the middle of Caribbeans - Isla Mujeras, Mexico. In order to better understand place you visiting - speaking native language is a must, glad Zach speaks Spanish!!! We always avoid touristy spots and love to adventure our own way, to get to know people , their ways and culture![...]

Take me to the Lake

My dearest friend Harmony and I took a day trip to Escondido area for some fun under the sun near the lake shore:) And of course we took my camera with us!