Celebrating Love (Julian, ca)

It’s about time I shared something personal, as you can imagine I do not go a day without taking a photo, and of course on any of my travels I take
huge amount of photographs and I would love to share a bit of our small weekend get a way to Julian, Ca for Valentines day.

Zach and I are dream chaser and catchers, we work very hard toward our goals, certainly not one of those couples that would sit on the couch and watch others reach out for the stars,
Instead we dream big and follow our dreams.
So you can imagine how much time does it take to follow our passions and how much dedication goes into it,
there for we do not see each other very often like a typical couples, but when we do it’s always very magical.
We took our Valentines day on a road to Julian , (dinners at common spots just not us- boring!)

I want to thank my love for being so patient with photo bellow, all photos of us are self portraits so you can imagine how tricky it was to set a tripod on a rocking
boat with a current.

It’s already spring in Julian, and whole city is in a full bloom! Breath taking!
Our afternoon hike took place trough some cow fields, but unfortunately they were not too friendly with us:(

Julian forests are magical and peaceful. I love how quite it gets and for me its always so inspiring, I always come back home ready to create!

I can’t help but always taking so many photos of Zach, I got lucky with such a handsome and photogenic man in my life!
(well beside all his other awesome qualities I’m so madly in love with)

God you are magnificent for placing us in such a beautiful world of Yours!

We stayed in one of cozy cabins on top of the hill in Julian with most beautiful view, I can not wait to comeback and discover even more things Julian offers to it’s travelers.