My grandmother is my Hero

I know there is one person in the world that would never stop praying for me is my grandmother Nadezhda or simply Nadya.
She is my friend and absolute life example! I think I even got some of her creative genes as she was very famous Hat Maker in whole Kazahstan , she
would make hats for movie stars and singers, and will never leave her home without wearing something stylish herself till today! I can go on about how wonderful she is for long time, but one thing certain – she is my hero! Her sisters and she had to survive a horrible times of war, and then once she had a family of her own it was pretty difficult times too. I always love to listen about her stories and hard times so I can appreciate what I got now!

So I drove to my grandmas place several weeks ago and we both got pretty inspired to take photos, as she really used to that because her husband and my grandfather was a professional photographer – my main inspiration to be a photographer I’m now!
And this is what we came up with-

our inspiration for this was her mother , my great great grandma Agafiya or simply Ganya

I love this shot- my grandma has such beautiful smile;-) Love you grandma !!!

Our elderly are to be valued , appreciated and praised!

  • Mina Ab said:

    I love this post about your grandmother!
    You are very lucky that u have the chance to grow up with her <3

  • admin said:

    Yes, she I'm so so blessed!!!!!! I absolutely love my grammy!!!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment Mina!

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