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Unleashed Beauty Magazine Cover Shoot with Kathryn McCorrmick

Unleashed  Beauty Finally released Winter Issue Magazine with My cover photo and THREE editorials!!! Yay!!!! Get it here! Here is our cover shoot with the amazing Kathryn McCorrmick ( From So You Think You Can Dance & Step Up Revolution) Make Up- Sara DeMuri Hair- Arielle Nevatt Wardrobe provided by- Ruche

Tammy + Michael wedding (preview)

People ask me, why do I like to shoot wedding, it's tones of work for one photographer ...oh yes, it's exhausting emotionally and physicly, I usualy want to crash at the end of the day. But I absolutely love weddings- why- because I get to witness absolute miracle- love! When to different people with their rolls, behaviors, traditions, backgrounds, cultures...you name[...]