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Like a Fairy Tale Love (wedding photography)

Trish and Anthony took photos with me about a week ago before their wedding day according with their customs! I love this custom!!! How cool is that - taking photos of bride and groom without wedding day rush! And not be very stressed about photos on the day of the wedding!! Check out our fairy tale like photo session! Can not wait till the wedding day!

apples airplanes and love (engagement session photography)

I love working with Creative Couples!! Nick and Tasha were exactly it! They not only brought cool props , but also found amazing locations!! Oh and sent me back home with an caramel apple! I can't wait to post the rest of photos and shoot your wedding next year! Special thank you to owner of this amazing photogenic land for letting me take photos on his property! [...]

Happy birthday america!!

10 years ago my family and I made a huge move - we moved to America from small Russian village. This was not easy , at a time I did not know any English, did not have any friends or knowledge of digital photography. I felt lost for sometime, almost gave up on photography and world around me! Who knew that 10 years after I would be this happy girl, living a dream life![...]