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It’s that time of the year ( family photo session)

It's that time of the year ( family photo session)
Yep that time of the year for families to come together and do some fun photos:) I might not share every photo session , but this I must. I seen this family grow in size and height, and it's just been so exciting to see them year after year. I mean look at this family, how adorable they all are!

Happy birthday america!!

10 years ago my family and I made a huge move - we moved to America from small Russian village. This was not easy , at a time I did not know any English, did not have any friends or knowledge of digital photography. I felt lost for sometime, almost gave up on photography and world around me! Who knew that 10 years after I would be this happy girl, living a dream life![...]

This is Love (creative engagement session)

What Can I say about this couple- FUN FUN FUN!!! Dear Deanna and Travis I can not wait to shoot your wedding pretty soon!!! Everyone have a wonderful weeks!