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Pretty in Lavender ( Hartley Botanica wedding)

Pretty in Lavender ( Hartley Botanica wedding)
I'm so honored I got to photograph at this beautiful location once again! Here is a small preview how this day was so perfect! I can not wait to share more!

Garden Romance ( Shoot for SDSW Magazine at Vista Valley Country Club)

Garden Romance ( Shoot for SDSW Magazine at Vista Valley Country Club)
Sometimes I ask myself, why am I so blessed? How do I get to meet people in life that so supportive and trust me big projects like this one?? I thank everyone who took part in crating this magic! Scroll down for credits, oh and look at photos while you scrolling;)  Planning/Design: Aja Lauren Event Production Florist: Haydees Creative Flowers Rentals: Arc[...]

Touched by sunshine ( Wedding in Green Gables wedding estate , San Marcos)

Touched by sunshine ( Wedding in Green Gables wedding estate , San Marcos)
So Happy to share this Summer bright wedding with you all! I specially love how couple , who are both teachers, included small school related decorations here there. But best decor of all is true love and chemistry , smiles and kisses. Well see for yourself:)

Roses all over ( Wedding at Green Gables Estate, San Marcos)

I love coming back to Green Gables! This is why :

Perfect Light for a Pefect Day ( wedding in Sacramento)

My life as photographer is a true dream becouse I get so lucky with couples I get, they give me full freedom of being creative and a little bit crazy in my own way:) Congratulations to Olya and Andrei - you were a perfect amount of wild and fun, and of course photogenic!!! Many blessings to you guys, and here is a small preview I struggled to put together becouse all[...]

Inspired by Italy ( Villa San Juliette Winery wedding Paso Robles)

This is probably the most pretties winery wedding I ever shot! Of course it has to do a lot with groom being Italian, bride stunning  Ukrainian, and together they designed one very breath taking special day for them and their friends.   I felt in love with Villa San Juliette Winerry where creative thought never possibly can stop!! And Adornments Flowers dressed this[...]

Bright and Happy ( Fullerton Arboretum retro wedding )

What do I love about this wedding, beside gorgeous couple, location, outdoors everything, colorful theme, well also all the hand made bow ties by groom, hair piece by bride, a guy for maid of honor, brides amazing voice....gosh pretty much everything! Dear Cassi and Brandon, thank you so much for making me a part of your life changing event!

Vintage heaven ( Twin Oaks wedding estate- bohemian wedding )

Every photographer got a dream wedding they want to shoot- here is my dream wedding!!! Fully vintage, romantic and stunning garden wedding, with drop dead gorgeous couple! From the bottom of my heart I thank Nick and Tasha for letting me be there and capture another chapter in their beautiful love story! I remember first day I met you and I wanted to pinch myself , I[...]

Under Parisian sky (Wedding in Paris, France, restaurant laperouse)

And here is my dream to share! A year ago I went to Paris and felt in love with it's charm, but little did I know, I will be there again this year . It's almost sounded impossible I will be once again photographing two people falling in love under Parisian sky. I thought my heart would burst from happiness and I wanted to give my all to couple that randomly found me o[...]