Tammy + Michael wedding (preview)

People ask me, why do I like to shoot wedding, it’s tones of work for one photographer …oh yes, it’s exhausting emotionally and physicly, I usualy want to crash at the
end of the day. But I absolutely love weddings- why- because I get to witness absolute miracle- love! When to different people with their rolls, behaviors, traditions, backgrounds, cultures…you name it, finally agree on combine their 2 different worlds in one based on God, love, friendship, understanding and respect!
At Tammy’s and Mike’s wedding Pastor Rick said this- it takes two not perfect people to make one perfect one- so here is why I love weddings- I can see it
really happen and why people still should believe in love!!

Dear Mike and Tammy I thank you for making me your photographer, it was a true blessing and I’m happy to share this preview with you! xoxo

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