The Bigger the Merrier ( family session Fresno photography preview)

When Natasha wrote me how she needs a portrait of her family I never could imaging how big her family is. She did run it by me and I acted all confident, but inside I had no clue
How to go about it haha. But, We did it, and I had most amazing time getting to know this family. 2 parents, 11 children with 11 spouses and 21 children with 2 more on the way, and I’m sure they are not stopping there.
What amazed me the most- how much love there between them, how close they are together, supporting and caring, made me realized how much I need to work on my family of only 4.

Everyone Thank you so much for your patience and being so so welcoming!

So much more love coming soon.

Special thank you to Natasha for making this all happen.
And Vera for opening your house to me!!

May God bless you!!

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