Winter dreaming- Engagement Preview with Masha and Brian

I think I’m gonna repeat myself over and over again here, but I must say I’m so so blessed with clients, they get more and more creative!!
Of course I was so happy when Masha and Brian decided to make me their photographer when they gonna tie the knot in April,
But when they picked Big Bear for their engagement session I was beyond excited, I love snow. I’m from Russian and snow was a huge part of my life.
Plus I never done engagement session in a snow…so it was my dream come true session!!!

Must say for few weeks we been trying to put this together but weather wont allow , than on the day of shoot I had tire problem, then chains were required that I didn’t had,
than I got lost and than it FINALLY happened!!!!!!!!!!!!
and gosh they were such a troopers, I couldn’t feel my toes and fingers at some point, have no idea how Masha managed to wear summer dresses…but it
was so worth it!!!
Enjoy this small preview, more coming soon!!!

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