"Arina" is of Greek origin, means "peace" or "peaceful."

My photography journey began when I was just 14 years old in Kazakhstan, and by the time I was 16, I was the official photographer for my village school in Russia. I vividly remember the days spent in my makeshift darkroom, which was essentially a converted bathroom that my dad helped me set up. It was there that I developed all the portraits for my school, honing my skills in the art of photography.

Later, I pursued my passion by attending art schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and even Paris, where I graduated as a painter. Little did I know then that this background would become the foundation for what I do now - "painting" with light through photography.

In 2002, my family embarked on a significant journey, relocating to California. In 2004, I took the leap into full-time photography, infusing all the European style and creativity I had gathered over the years into my work. Since that pivotal moment, I've had the privilege of capturing over 500 weddings and meeting some of the most incredible people along the way. Each wedding is a canvas for me to paint with light, and I couldn't be more grateful for the beautiful moments I've been entrusted to capture.

My son and I spend lots of time together, showing love to farm animals, going on trips near and far, and exploring the beautiful beaches in Southern California. My baby boy has a special way of teaching me to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Through his eyes, I've learned to appreciate the simple joys and find happiness in everyday moments. He's like my little teacher, helping me see the magic in the ordinary things around us.

In all my endeavors, my purpose is to offer praise and honor to God. I've been blessed with the gift of painting with light, allowing me to capture and immortalize the special moments of my clients. Through this gift, I strive to create images that reflect the beauty and significance of these cherished memories, demonstrating my deep respect for the source of all creativity and inspiration.

In the whirlwind of my photography career, my biggest "client" has always been my son. As I watch him grow at a pace that seems almost too rapid, I've come to understand the profound significance of preserving moments in time.